I'm a graphic designer, letterer, & illustrator living in the midwest

Thank you for taking the time to read this section. My name is Alyssa Barwick, a Columbia, MO native working full time as the coordinator of the Student Design Center at the University of Missouri and also at my solo owned freelance business, Alyssa Barwick Design. 

I graduated from Mizzou with my bachelors of fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design, and have always loved being a creative and visual person. I try and have my work reflect my time I spent in my art classes with attention to detail, pleasing colors, and creating clever visual solutions to bring a new experience to words and images. I consider myself as a very empathetic person and I love learning about what makes someone tick, I think that's why I have always been so determined to work as a freelancer. Setting my own high standard of how I work and providing creative and fresh work to my clients is how I like to give back to people and gives me such a great sense of accomplishment.

I am recently married to my very talented husband Nick, a once history major turned creative. Nick and I met in college working together at The Mizzou Store and quickly bonded over our creative outlets, love for animals, and a shared desire to love and take care of someone that completely understood them. Oh and just had a ton of fun together too. Now we have three four-legged children in our home: Rory our german shepherd mix and Ellie & Lily our polar opposite house cats.

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My process as a freelance graphic designer.
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