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 I have over ten years of professional experience and love every minute of what I do. 
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My design process

1. Contact
After filling out the brief contact form below, you will be contacted by email within 3 business days so we can set up a time to walk through my client questionnaire, either by phone or email, that goes through the materials you need, look and feel, budget, and timeline.

Once we have the green light, I'll send over my contract (terms and conditions, file sharing, nothing scary I promise) and an initial deposit of $50.00 in order to begin working. Once we are all squared away, I will task out the work that needs to be done in order to fit your timeline and then the fun can begin! 

2. Design
I'll gather all the materials and information I have collected during our contact phase and start building your initial proof. Generally, I ask for a minimum of two weeks before delivering a proof to you to review. Once you've seen the design, we'll work collaboratively to tweak and perfect your design through a tentative max of five rounds of revisions. Once your initial proof is exactly how you want it, I'll work to create any extra materials you need based on your perfected design, and with your approval, the design phase will be completed!

3. Finalize
After all designing has been completed, I'll package up and send over your design files. High five! You'll receive an invoice with your final payment and deliverables. Reminder, after your initial deposit of $50.00, I charge an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour of work. 


magazine & book layout/design
logo design 
print collateral 
social media graphics
light photography

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